Our Services

What we do

Ignia’s services centre upon delivering business value by helping our customers align and leverage their investments in people, process and technology.

We have built a track record for providing highly innovative content and collaboration, enterprise workflow, business intelligence, mobility, business applications and agile ALM services since 2000.

We deliver using Microsoft technologies including SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, Azure and Windows 8 Apps.

Content & Collaboration
Ignia is a leading Content and Collaboration solutions provider, building on best of breed solutions from Microsoft SharePoint, K2 and AvePoint. For people to work well together, they need to share information easily. Ignia’s Content and Collaboration solutions incorporate a single information portal where clients can collaborate on documents, set up websites and share reports.

Business Benefits:

  • Get the Information you need where and when you need it – access information through browsers and mobile devices
  • Integration with Key Technologies – such as Microsoft Office, Active Directory and Exchange
  • Easy to Control – our solutions are easy to manage, giving you more time to focus on your business goals
  • Reduce Costs – reduce TCO by consolidating intranet, extranet, and websites
  • Gain Deeper Insight – easily access and search information in key applications without technical expertise
Enterprise Workflow
Enterprise Workflow is the automation and streamlining of a business process during which documents, tasks, responsibilities and actions are routed electronically between people and systems.

Enterprise workflow management enables companies to integrate multiple systems and enhances collaboration between employees, multiple departments and locations. In addition, Enterprise Workflow solutions free up resources, save time, reduce errors and provide higher levels of visibility.

Ignia’s Enterprise Workflow solutions ensure you are in full control of your business processes, consequently increasing automation and enhancing productivity to drive business growth and cost savings. Our solutions are flexible, cost effective, customised to your specific business needs and can integrate with your existing systems to give you a consolidated view of your business activity.

Business Benefits:

  • Maximise Efficiency – Improve and automate your business processes and free up key resources
  • Improve Quality – Reduce double handling and errors and streamline activities
  • Increase Data Security – Secure sensitive information with configurable access permissions
  • Get Full Visibility – Gain visibility of activities within your systems; benefit from extensive reporting capabilities, and get a clear picture of business workloads
  • Get Full Integration – Integrate data and processes from multiple departments and locations
  • Get Access to the most Advanced Technologies – Benefit from the highly innovative technological achievements from our Enterprise Workflow partners, Microsoft and K2.
Business Intelligence
Every business uses some form of management reporting to provide historical, current and predictive views of their operations. As businesses grow, however, the volume of data and information that must be assessed (from traditional financial reports to the myriad of spread sheets and purpose-built databases) can quickly overwhelm the ability to make timely and informed decisions.

Simply deploying BI technologies will not in itself solve all of an organisation’s reporting and decision support challenges. As a critical tool for mining, analysing and reporting business information, BI must be considered within the individual context of a business including:

  • Strategic objectives
  • Governance
  • Organisation
  • Technology architecture

Ignia utilises a four-stage methodology in the development of business intelligence strategic plans:

  • Visioning – Evaluation of the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • Analysis – Gathering and analysis of the organisation’s decision support requirements together with the current state assessment and gap analysis of existing capabilities
  • Direction – Drawing together the outputs of the Visioning and Analysis stages to develop and document the BI strategic direction, recommendations and initiatives
  • Recommendation – Summarising the principal findings and recommendations, and communicating the plan
Mobility & Devices

Mobility is ensuring that systems and applications can  be accessed easily and used, with the same level of satisfying user experience, across usage scenarios, locations and devices.

Ignia’s mobility development team are specialised in developing highly user-friendly and interactive solutions that extends our clients’ business productivity beyond the traditional stationary office, through seamless integration with existing and new IT infrastructure.

Business Benefits:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity – Mobile solutions creates a more empowered workforce by enabling employees to work on-the-go.
  • Boost Employee Morale – Providing employees with a more flexible work environment can help increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retain loyalty – Providing employees real-time access to vital information creates an opportunity for better responsiveness and more satisfying customer interactions.
Business Applications

In today’s fast paced environment it is critical that organisations respond quickly to change. Building applications completely from scratch can be a time consuming and costly undertaking.

Solutions need to be implemented in months, weeks or even days, not years, and deployed as part of a solid, stable, usable, and fully-featured system. It is important to deploy applications rapidly, collect user feedback promptly, and be prepared to release further changes and improvements. This kind of iterative development allows your organisation to develop more usable, productive and future-proof systems.

Selecting a business application platform that allows for rapid development and an iterative process is one of the keys to building a successful long-term strategy and ensure business agility. Choosing a platform isn’t just about solving today’s problems. It is about building for the future, making sure you have a solid foundation on which to build your business, one that is able to respond as the business evolves.

Service Overview

Ignia’s Business Applications service leverages Microsoft Dynamics CRM and provides the building blocks necessary to jumpstart your business’s application development. We have extensive experience in maximising Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s built-in features, understanding when and what to customise, and how to best extend the platform. We’re also experts in the integration capabilities and interfacing the platform with other custom applications or surfacing data to Microsoft SharePoint.

Through in-depth business and technology discussions, and solution demonstrations, our experts will rapidly develop a customised solution that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Business Benefits

  • Faster Development
  • Rapid Iterative Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  • Consistent UI across solutions
  • Consistent and stable application development platform
  • Fully extensible and customisable solutions to cater to future needs
  • Easier migration to Microsoft Azure cloud technologies
Strategy & Consulting
Ignia’s Strategy and Consulting division specialises in IT Strategy, IT Governance, IT Risk Management and the provision of CIO Services. Our rare blend of corporate experience and wide-ranging technical expertise allows us to offer a unique value proposition in bridging the sometimes substantial divide between the boardroom and the organisation’s IT function.

  • IT STRATEGY – Our IT strategy planning approach is able to go beyond simply providing high-level process and governance based architecture recommendations by leveraging subject matter expertise, strategic architectural guidance and infrastructure scenario modelling.
  • IT GOVERNANCE – Utilising a range of international standards and frameworks for IT governance, including CoBIT and AS 8015, Ignia can assist organisations to measure their internal IT governance controls and offer practical suggestions for improvement within a sensible, realistic and achievable context.
  • CIO SERVICES – Ignia’s range of CIO Services incorporate the business guidance, vendor liaison and project direction required to deliver IT strategic outcomes.

Ignia provides clear, unbiased and independent advice within a boardroom context while also being able to work at a detailed architecture level with the organisation’s IT professionals.

Many IT strategy planning approaches struggle to find a balance between providing detailed analysis of governance and structural requirements, often offering only very high-level infrastructure and architecture guidance, or becoming overly prescriptive in regard to underlying technology platforms. Ignia’s IT strategic planning methodology balances IT process, governance, organisation and architecture requirements by incorporating parallel streams of business requirements analysis and enterprise architecture assessment within a context of business-aligned IT guiding principles.

Ignia recommends that IT strategic planning should be seen as an on-going process and cycle rather than simply a point in time document. The top level IT strategic plan should provide the high-level direction and strategic initiatives required to meet business stakeholder requirements, while the on-going IT strategic planning process should encompass the development of enterprise, application and IT service continuity (disaster recovery) architectures and plans.

We believe that good IT strategy and governance is not just about the ‘document’— it is about business outcomes.

User Experience & Adoption
User experience (UX) is more than just usability – it’s a person’s feelings, their perceptions and emotional responses as they interact with a product, system, or service.

Approaching problems from a user’s perspective is critical to a successful solution. End users can quickly grow frustrated with a poorly designed system, which can create additional burden on your support and administration teams. The end result is that the full potential of your system isn’t realised and your business is impacted by a decrease in user productivity.

Ignia’s UX services ensure that your system provides intuitive interactions and is easy to use across platforms and devices. Ignia’s UX team studies the end users of your system, understands their goals and carefully designs the user interface (UI) and system exchanges accordingly. By emphasising the importance of great UX, you can enable your users to accomplish their tasks quickly and easily, whilst using a system that is visually appealing and reflects your brand.

How does Ignia create great User Experiences?

  • We go further than just meeting a checklist of features
  • We enable users to easily perform their tasks
  • We design with simplicity and elegance – products that are a joy to use and a joy to own
  • We seamlessly merge engineering, marketing, industrial design, graphical design, and interface design
  • We exceed the users’ expectations and deliver systems, websites and applications that that user will engage with because they want to, not because they have to

Business Benefits:

  • Increase adoption and customer loyalty
  • Increase your return on investment
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by helping your users do things faster or helping them make fewer mistakes
  • Enhance customer and user satisfaction
  • Reach more people by building better user experiences across all devices and embracing the explosion of mobile and tablet popularity
Agile ALM

Ignia’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ensures our customers that our processes, project oversight, tools and techniques, combined with the inherent flexibility offered by agile software delivery, will result in the final application meeting their business needs and expectations.

The experience and expertise that Ignia has gained in building and maturing our own ALM practices allows us to also go a step further in assisting organisations to overlay ALM across their internal teams.

Ignia’s ALM consulting and coaching services provide long-term value to our customers by embedding lifecycle management and agile techniques as part of the organisation’s ongoing application delivery philosophy.