Modern Approaches for SharePoint Provisioning – SPChat with Marat Bakirov, MVP

Modern Approaches for SharePoint Provisioning – SPChat with Marat Bakirov, MVP
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Microsoft constantly shifts developer approaches for SharePoint. We have always had a good old XML approach, and even had some Visual Studio tools that were good but, to be honest, produced something from SharePoint that was not that much supportable and could not survive upgrades.

Now Microsoft’s general direction is to write the code that will provision all of your data structure via CSOM. This code could be run from your console app, run on premise or on office 365.

However if we use just the SharePoint API, the code will be long and ugly. So there are 2 modern enhancements to this – Office PNP (Patterns and Practices) and SPMeta2 – free library by SubpointSolutions.

We will discuss both enhancements, usage scenarios as well as the pros and cons of each.

marat1Marat Bakirov is Senior Consultant Technical Specialist at ignia ( and previously a Chief Solutions Architect for one of the leading Russian Sharepoint integrators. He has a large portfolio of many successful and diverse projects covering different aspects of Sharepoint including public sites, XSLT rendering, BCS programming and multi-language solutions.
He has worked in 2007-2010 in Microsoft Russia as a Developer Evangelist. He is one of the organizers of the first and second Russia Sharepoint Conferences. He is also a 4 time Sharepoint MVP since Oct 2010 and a Software Developer since 1993.

Event Details:

Time: April 13, 2015 from 6pm to 7pm
Location: main chat room

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