Home Loan Specialists Improve Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

About Homeloans

Homeloans has been providing Australians with financial alternatives to banks for over 25 years. They specialise in home loans, and have a wide range of products to meet the needs of all types of customers, from first home buyers to investors. Homeloans prides itself on quality service which to winning the 2009 and 2010 Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia Excellence Award in their category.

The Challenge

At Homeloans excellence in customer service is the number one priority. When an aging relationship management program was no longer able to meet the growing demands of the business, Homeloans assigned Will Keall, National Marketing Manager, to the task of examining options and selection a replacement system.

Homeloans use three data management systems across the organisation, one to capture information as it comes through the call centre, another when a lead is created and finally, a system to manage the information once a loan has settled. The systems were not integrated which meant there was no single source for accurate information and staff had to work hard to collect accurate data.

The lead creation data system, used extensively by the sales and marketing teams at Homeloans, didn’t meet a number of important requirements. The new system had to be flexible enough to integrate with Homeloans two existing data management systems, as well have the functionality to allow Homeloans to effectively communicate with its important potential customers and existing clients during marketing activities.


Before technology was even considered, Will Keall engaged key staff throughout the business to discuss project objectives and priorities, which would be key to selecting the right product and best possible vendor.

“We wanted to cover the entire customer journey.” said Will, “Our first task was to define customer interactions in each stage throughout the relationship. Then our goal was to find an IT solution that enabled us to implement these interactions”.

Ignia was ultimately chosen to implement a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. After assessing a number of CRM systems Homeloans chose Dynamics CRM 4.0 due to compatibility with existing systems, adaptability to meet demanding requirements and strong out of the box functionality. Will explained, “Microsoft Dynamics CRM was chosen, not only by marketing and sales, but also IT because it integrates so well with our existing systems. To the users it doesn’t feel like a new system, because it looks and feels like other Microsoft products they use each day”.

Ignia’s overall solution allowed Homeloans to explore new avenues, through which to communicate with customers.

“We can now track information such as average length of client loans, trends in particular demographic groups and which campaigns are effective in attracting new clients”, said Will. “Our marketing has become more sophisticated with CRM, we are able to track and analyse trends that previously we had no visibility of”.

Dynamics CRM integrates directly with the Call Centre (lead gathering) and Retention (existing loans) data management systems. For example, an enquiry taken by the call centre now triggers a workflow to later remind sales staff to action tasks, qualify leads and pursue new opportunities. When a new loan settles the information is automatically passed through to the Retention and Client Services division to ensure effective service delivery for the life of the loan. Will commented;

“CRM broke down the barriers between our business divisions. We all share the same data now, which not only improves internal communication, but the accuracy of our communication with clients”.


The Benefit of Engaging Ignia

Ignia went above and beyond the initial scope of work to deliver a complete and highly effective solution. Ignia clearly understood the objectives and strategic direction that Homeloans was pursuing as a business and matched them with the appropriate balance of technology, services and on-going support. Homeloans needed a solution that didn’t just benefit marketing but delivered business improvements across the organisation. By leveraging the Microsoft Platform as a whole, Ignia has future proofed the Homeloans system and simplified the number of technologies, lowering on-going costs.

“When we chose to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM we didn’t expect it to be as seamless as it is. Ignia not only delivered what was promised but were determined to deliver the one-percenters. That extra effort is exactly why we’ll continue to use and recommend Ignia.” Will Keall, National Marketing Manager – Homeloans