Creating Beautiful SharePoint Online Portals using App Script Parts

Creating Beautiful SharePoint Online Portals using App Script Parts
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Let’s face it, users don’t like their portals to ‘look like SharePoint’. But with Microsoft now recommending against using custom master pages, where does that leave us in regards to producing beautiful looking sites on SharePoint? And how do we avoid investing time, money and effort on branding SharePoint only for users to resist adopting and using the site produced?

If these are questions you find yourself asking when approaching the implementation of your SharePoint portals, then join Trent Cain and Matt Menezes from Ignia as they take you through the journey from the early stages of user experience and design to implementation in SharePoint.

Come to this presentation scattered with real-world lessons learned, implementation nuggets and key takeaways; and you’re bound to leave with the confidence that building beautiful portals on SharePoint online is not only possible, but will ensure your sites are considered a resounding success.

Trent Cain

trentTrent Cain is a senior user experience consultant with over 8 years of experience in software development largely in the Microsoft .NET domain. By utilising best practices such as User Centred Design principles, Information Architecture, and responsive\adaptive web design, Trent designs line-of-business apps, websites, intranets, and mobile systems that are a joy to use on a wide range of devices.

Possessing strong personal skills, Trent has facilitated many workshops to identify both business and user requirements and has learned a lot along the way from dealing with multiple stakeholders and ambitious visions.

Matt Menezes

mattMatthew has over 10 years of experience in delivering enterprise-level solutions across a range of industries and clients. With particular interests in creating interactive intranet/extranet and internet sites on the SharePoint platform, Matthew has created rich user experiences by leveraging client-side technologies such as jQuery and Knockout. He also has a strong interest in SharePoint architecture and best practices from both an administrative and development perspective and a personal interest in both performance and search engine optimisation.

More recently, Matthew has taken an interest in becoming a subject matter expert in products that enhance business value and compliance including K2, Nintex and RecordPoint. Matthew is a SalemTM Certified Practitioner and member of the World Association of SharePoint Business Strategists, promoting the philosophy of utilising the platform before development in all instances with a strong focus on governance throughout the implementation process to achieve business value.