Growing Business Halves Project Administration Costs with Microsoft SharePoint

About Tim Davies Landscaping

Tim Davies Landscaping (TDL) has been an award winning style leader in the Western Australian landscaping industry for nearly 30 years. With over 80 employees TDL offer design, construction and maintenance services for a range of industries. With multiple offices in Western Australia TDL ensure all project are well serviced, whatever the location.


Tim Davies Landscaping was struggling to manage documentation. Organic growth, as a result of the resources boom, doubled the amount of correspondence and information which TDL had to manage. Organising and storing documents and correspondence became an impossible burden for staff.

In order to maintain excellence in customer service, TDL began seeking an efficient means of managing correspondence, documents and internal communication, within the context of project based operations.


TDL had assessed a number of solutions for managing communication and documents. Ignia was engaged to provide a SharePoint solution as this enabled staff to continue working with the already familiar Microsoft Office. A central portal was implemented to support corporate announcements and control documents through version control, secure access and workflow, which automates approvals and feedback.

Staff had previously attempted to share information via email, but this ran the risk of losing information or working with a document that was out of date. SharePoint provides a central location for each project, so organising documents is simple. SharePoint has replaced a complex file structure and now provides search functionality, enabling staff to locate and use information in a timely manner.

With the implementation of version control, staff can now be confident that documents are up to date. Issued documents are subjected to an approval process and automated workflow has resulted in users being more coordinated. Graham commented, “Staff can now track documents through change control processes and we have complete visibility of the state of any document. Duplication issues have disappeared”. TDL can also save email to SharePoint project folders, resulting in easier correspondence management. “We no longer have overlap when communicating with clients, everyone is kept up to speed through SharePoint”, commented Graham.

The need to establish an intranet was a key driver for adopting SharePoint. Human Resources immediately utilised the internal website to publish contact lists, leave calendars, policies and procedures. Graham also noted, “Using SharePoint for corporate communication reduced the burden on the email system. Central announcements keep everyone up to date, regardless of where they are.”

The Benefit of Engaging Ignia

The concepts that Ignia presented to TDL resonated immediately. Ignia’s experience of the engineering and construction industry meant that the right solution was delivered quickly. “Ignia understood our industry” said Graham “they put efficient workflows in place that we’d previously struggled with”. SharePoint workflow has reduced project administration costs by 50%. Version errors and double handling have been eliminated.

TDL’s intranet Home Page is now a central reference point for all staff and keeps everybody in the business connected and up to date.

“We knew that our information had to be centralised, SharePoint was the obvious solution and was key in achieving ISO Quality Assurance Certification. It manages our processes and workflows effectively; we would now struggle to operate without it”. Graham Kimber, IT Manager – Tim Davies Landscaping