Clough AMEC Improves Collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint

About Clough AMEC

Clough AMEC is a leading Australian based provider of asset support solutions offering engineering led services to enable operation, maintenance and upgrade of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Clough-Amec JV required an Information Management System to service the contract obligations between the joint venture partners and Woodside Energy Limited (WEL).

The purpose of the IMS is to present consistent documents that can be used by the JV partners and their client, together with an issue tracking system backed by a workflow and notification system.


The IMS supports workers within Clough and Amec as the joint venture partners and WEL as the client and is hosted on infrastructure owned and managed by Amec. In order to provide access to all three companies Ignia implemented an Extranet system built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) platform.

Ignia worked with Senior Engineers and IT Staff within Clough-Amec to replace a prototype based on a Microsoft Access Database, which was placed behind a classic ASP website.

At that time, the sole purpose of the prototype was to map the joint venture partner’s processes to those of WEL.

The IMS project advanced the initial concept by leveraging SharePoint’s security model and its ability to provide document control. SharePoint Workflow is used to inform users when they are required to participate in a process, such as responding to a Request for Information. The SharePoint platform is a web-based portal environment that users login to in order to gain access to the IMS, enabling them to utilise secured documents, search for information and track their assigned tasks.

Ignia was engaged to document the scope of work, document requirements, produce a technical design and develop the IMS as a SharePoint customisation project. Thereafter, the IMS rigorously tested under a manager User Acceptance Testing process prior to deployment.

Development of the entire IMS took approximately twelve weeks and met a critical deadline which was driven by the client’s contract process.

Since deployment Ignia have extended the project to support its use as part of a contract awarded by Chevron. The entire IMS system was deployed with minimal re-work and was live within one week.

The key benefits provided by the IMS are:

  • Provided a single environment used by two organisations (Clough-Amec JV and WEL) but accessible from four distinct domains (Clough, Amec, Clough-Amec JV and WEL)
  • Simplified complex requirements into a user friendly web based Extranet solution
  • Produced a reusable system that was able to support future contracts awarded to the JV partners
  • Leveraged the JV partners’ current investment in SharePoint as a collaboration and document management platform
  • Provided enterprise class document search capabilities
  • Delivered a complete issue tracking system, with task assignment and delegation supported through SharePoint Workflow