BreastScreen WA adds new features to its website, making services more accessible for women

BreastScreen WA worked with Ignia to re develop their website, with the goal of making its services more accessible to women aged 50-70 along with increasing the number of screening appointments booked. The result is an engaging, interactive, modern and responsive website, with bookings on the rise and an improvement in brand awareness and overall amount of traffic to the website.

About BreastScreen WA

BreastScreen WA (BSWA) is the only accredited screening mammography service in Western Australia, providing free screening mammograms to asymptomatic women aged 40 and over.
Since March 1989, more than 1.5 million screening mammograms have been performed by BSWA and more than 9,000 breast cancers have been detected.
One of BSWA’s key objectives is to enable accessibility of services to women within the target group of 50-74 years, along with increasing awareness and community education.

Website goals

While the organisation has always invested in keeping the BSWA website current and accessible, an assessment highlighted areas which could be improved.

“With the use of mobile devices on the rise, we wanted to ensure that we were providing the best possible user experience for our clients,” explained Fiona Smith, Project Coordinator at BSWA.

The website was receiving approximately 15,000 visits per month; a number that was expected to increase significantly with the introduction of online appointment booking facilities. BSWA needed a website that would reflect the changing needs of the growing online community and integrate with BSWA’s online booking system.

The main goals of the new site was to engage the target audience and encourage women aged 50 years and over a screening appointment, while at the same time increasing awareness and strengthening the BreastScreen WA brand. The original target of 5,000 online bookings was exceeded within the first six months of operation.

Ms Smith elaborated on the website design brief,

“Sitecore has been chosen by WA Health as a platform to redevelop new websites to meet new accessibility guidelines and provide the growing client base with a quick and easy way to find relevant information and book their mammogram appointments. One of the other key elements was the need for the site to be responsive across any mobile or tablet device.”

Design & Delivery

Ignia was engaged by the Department of Health to design and develop a fresh, modern, responsive website for BSWA using Ignia’s user centric design methodology.

Requirements gathering workshops were conducted with key stakeholders and user focus groups. During these workshops, the team developed a detailed picture of the users, their goals and the organisational goals.

Trent Cain, Senior User Experience designer at Ignia describes the process,

“One of the fastest way to engage users and stakeholders during the design process is by using paper prototypes. These enabled rapid design iterations and user testing to ensure the website is designed to cater directly to BSWA clients.”

After the paper prototypes were refined, mock ups and design alternatives are created for all key areas of the new site.

Following approval of the mock ups, an interactive prototype was created and tested with a focus group of users not previously involved in the design process. The findings of this testing were incorporated into the design and developed in Sitecore.

A new user experience

Based on the findings of the workshops, the new site was developed to directly address the needs of BSWA’s clients, including:

  • An intuitive and easy way to navigate home page along with a modern look and feel throughout the website
  • An easier and more inclusive passage to book appointments by providing an initial survey before linking to online booking – this allows for the provision of an alternative option if a client is not eligible to book online
  • Multiple paths to find required information though the menu, suggested topics and links
  • Ample opportunity to provide feedback and pre-classify the queries to ensure a faster response time
  • An easier way to find and self-qualify for booking appointments through a number of eligibility questions
  • Engaging key stakeholders by providing key features, for example General Practitioners can now download personalised referrals for their clients to attend BSWA
  • Provide easier access to information by ensuring each web page is easy to print
  • A fully responsive web site design with the ability to dynamically scale from desktop resolutions all the way down to mobile devices
  • Fully extensible Sitecore platform, with five Page Templates and CMS workflows to suit BSWA’s publishing process
  • Compliance with design guidelines and accessibility standards

The new website now provides women with improved access to BSWA’s information and resources quickly and easily.

“All the feedback so far has been extremely positive and our website traffic has almost doubled since the launch,” said Ms Smith. “We are very pleased with the new site and are enjoying the new features like the social integration and an easier booking process.”