Agile UX – Scrum

Agile UX – Scrum
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In the modern software development environment, UX and agile practitioners are becoming part of a growing culture defining the way online products and services are being delivered. The modern UX team is much more multi-disciplinary and organic than ever before, and it’s no surprise that hybrid processes and methodologies are being employed to ensure better management of personnel and project deliverables.

Although UX and agile both address key pitfalls that exist in traditional software development to deliver a better solution for the end-user, sometimes UX and agile approaches seem to work against each other when people focus too much on the processes and procedures.

In this section we will be talking about Agile UX over Scrum.

Erico Lisboa and Ian Huges will be presenting that one.

Pizza dinner will be provided by Ignia.

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Thursday 23rd April
5:30PM – 7:30PM
Level 8, 191 St Georges Terrace


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